Episode 065 – Classy Little Tribute

Happy International Podcast Day! Tomorrow (09/30) is a day to celebrate podcasts and podcasting, so to celebrate this week we’ll be shouting out to some of our favorite shows, as well as talking about your favorite moments/episodes of the podcast & playing your fanviews clips of the same. As we do each and every week, […]

B-Sides Episode 001 – Critters

[audio¬†https://epicfilmguys.podbean.com/mf/play/p8wh5b/B-Side_001_-_Critters.mp3]   The very first Epic Film Guys B-Side has arrived, and as chosen by YOU, our amazing fans, Justin and Bryan are reviewing the horror classic Critters! Our apologies for the audio issues in the episode, and we promise they will be smoothed out in future episodes. Be sure to let us know what […]